Enhancing the World of Blockchain Games

We're an indie game development studio building fun blockchain-backed games. Our philosophy is: game play first, blockchain second.

Our first game CryptoBeasties is running a successful presale of digital trading cards! Check it out.

We also offer our services and server-side development and marketing tools to other game developers. Contact us for more info.


A trading card game on the blockchain. Level up your Beasties to create one-of-a-kind collectibles. Join us at CryptoBeasties.com!


Do you want to create a new game? Add blockchain or crypto-collectible support to an existing game? Or just attract more game players? We can help!
Full Service Game Development
We can handle game design, development, and deployment from start to finish!
Blockchain and Collectibles
Work with us to deploy crypto-collectibles, or integrate blockchain technology into your own game.
Marketing and Monetization
Take advantage of our blockchain game marketing platform to attract players to your game!